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  • Dual Mode Car Air Purifier

    About Our Dual Mode Car Air Purifier-JS6708

    Dual Modes & Multi Functions

    —O3&O3 Mode: Powerful deodorizatio, sterilization functions to remove toxic and allergens in the air by ozone.

    —Ionic Mode: Effectively removes particle pollutants in the air by releasing a tremendous amount of negative ions.

    All In One Operation 】Simply press the power button to work.

    Portable & Versatile】Compact & portable, easy to carry.It can be used in home, office, car, refrigerator,  washroom, shoe cabinet and so on.

    Stand/Lie Design】Both horizontally placed or vertically placed are support.

    OEM &ODM Service】We also provide OEM & ODM service.

  • Dual USB Car Air Purifier Ionizer

    About Our Car Air Purifier With USB Car Charger-JS6291

    Powerful Air Purifier】 JESEN Ionic Air Purifier can release up to 5.6 million negative ions per cm3, which can immediately remove bad order and small fom the car. These high-density negative ions also attach dust and smoke to neutralize airborne contentment to increase the air quality.

    Dual USB 2.1 Ports 】 Charge your device lightning fast. Definitely a must-have car accessory for all vehicle owners. Not only does the unit purify the air, it also doubles as a car charger with dual USB ports! Plugin the unit into the 12v outlet and let it run silently in the background to purify your vehicle cabin.

    LED Indication Light】It glows gently to help you instantly locate the air purifier and USB ports,even while driving at night.

    Filterless & Maintenance-free】Actively cleans the air by generating negative ions. No regular filter replacement is needed.

    OEM &ODM Service】We also provide OEM & ODM service.

  • Interchangeable Plant Air Purifier

    About Our Interchangeable Plant Air Purifier-JS-733

    One Button Works All】Easy to operate the purifier by one button.

    Convenient Auto Mode 】It works when driving, and stoping working when the car stop.Give you a perfect driving experience with our plant air purifier.

    Keep Away Pollution】 Effectively remove air pollutants
    -Bacteria & Germs(upto 94.97%)
    -Particles:Like PM2.5, pollen, dust,smoke etc.

    Safe to Use】Safe to use, ultr-low ozone emission with 360° LED light ring.

    OEM &ODM Service】We also provide OEM & ODM service.

  • Portable Air Purifier

    About Our Portable Air Purifier-JS-6601

    One Button Operation】Easy use by one button to switch among different modes & working condition.

    Smart Operation 】On car ignition & starts on the previous saved setting.

    Sound-Free Design】 With unique noise reduction technology, noise of the diffuser can be controlled below 36dB, to keep you free from noise.

    3 in 1】Pre-filter+HEPA filter+Activated carbon all in one.Remove various types of air pollutants & refresh the air in your car in 8 minutes.

    OEM &ODM Service】We also provide OEM & ODM service.

  • Portable PM2.5 Odor Room True HEPA Filtet Air Purifiers

    About HEPA Filter Air Cleaner-JS2106

    Touch Panel Operation】The exquisite and high-end touch screen button design allows you to control all fuctions with a gentle touch. Just enjoy a refined life while breathing fresh air.

    Air Quality Indicator Light 】Real-time monitoring of air quality and automatic mode switching

    Low Noise Running】 With unique noise reduction technology, noise of the purifier can be controlled below 48dB under sleep mode.

    Three-Layer Purification Filter】Composite HEPA filter, HEPA can eliminate more than 99.5% particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns, Activated carbon integrated net can absorb microorganisms and pollutants, eliminated odors and toxic gases, and have the effect of purifying the environment, Molecularsieve can accelerate the decomposition of harmful gases.

    OEM &ODM Service】We also provide OEM & ODM service.